Blockchain-based Ecosystem for everyone specially forex and crypto traders and investors.

Building a bridge between the world of
traditional finance of fiat and digital assets.

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How It's work


A complete ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology.

Customers will get access to digital asset trading, forex and stocks trading, financial services, Investment & ROI, Social Media Platform, Cloud Token & Cloud Mining. UK's license will allow EXU to meet all the legislative requirements for working with fiat money.

Multi Exchange Platforms

Trade crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairs on EXU.

Traders with a limited deposit will be able to trade with leverage (crypto, fiat, currencies, funds) and to attract investors, increasing their potential profit.

EXU ecosystem will provide a Crypto Trading Exchange based on lasted technology and security and high standard trading stratigies and algorithems.

While on another hand, we will provide forex brokerage services as well to our users so that they can simply trade on fiat currencies, stocks, commodities, and shares.


Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us. Read them carefully for further details.









Token Distribution

EXU Protocol Token will be released on June 15th 2019 as Private Sale while Phase-I will start on Aug 1st, 2019. It’s compatibility of the token with
third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

Private Sales
23% target raised
1 USD = 100 EXU

Start Time

June 15th, 2019

End Time

July 15th, 2019

Token Name

EXU Protocol (EXU)

Token Supply

995,842,735 EXU
Private Sale
23% target raised
1 USD = 100 EXU
Token Name: EXU Protocol
Ticker Symbol: EXU
Token Algo: ERC20
Private Sale Price: 0.01 USD
Public Sale (Phase-I): 0.02 USD
Public Sale (Phase-II): 0.04 USD
Total Supply: 995,842,735 EXU
Sales & Distribution: 47.5 %

General Details

EXU will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20* standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration. Own the EXU Protocol token and receive a regular passive income from EXU Ecosystem, despite market volatility.


Honest & Trusted

Behind Every Successful Investor, there is An Honest and Trusted Company EXU Ecosystem has exactly what you need to invest in the world’s financial markets with confidence..





Beta Products

EXU Core is capable of obtaining high trading volumes and generating substantial profits through spread, commissions& match making.There will be no commissionor spread on EXU Protocol based pairs. project.

Own Blockchain: Secure and immutable receipts accompany every transaction to ensure full transparency through the use of our own Blockchain.

Security: Multi-level firewall and segmentation; Real-time system monitoring; Multi-signature requirement. 2-way authentication.



We have a very clear and open roadmap for
EXU Ecosystem.


We have a very clear and open roadmap for
EXU Ecosystem.


Global Social Community


We Are One Global Family! We are living in an era of quantum change where EXU Ecosystem is admired by thousand of community members. Investors, Traders & Other members are happy to be a part of a fun and innovative community.












Token Distribution

Intended Use Of Funds


We are an international team of financial experts, entrepreneurs, corporate executives We believe we can revolutionise the world through EXU Ecosystem.

Technical Team

We are nothing without our technical team. There are many team members working for us but here are few

Marketing Team

Marketing & PR Team is most important team in any company

Our Advisors

Our advisors are most precious part of our project, we are looking forward to achieve good results under their supervision.

EXU Debit Card

ATM Withdrawl Free
3% EXU
Point Of Sale Terminals
2% EXU
ATM withdrawal Fee for USD
Withdrawal limits daily/monthly (Equivalent in USD)
Cashback EXU

Exchange Partner

We are listing EXU Protocol Token to more than 19 exchange for public trading so users will be able to trade openly on multiple exchange

All these exchanges are in top 150 trading exchanges and have very trading volumen

As Seen On...

You can see EXU ecosystem on multiple listing websites and can have a better idea about our ranking

Wallet Partners

EXU Protocol Token is compatible with multiple wallets Users can store EXU on below mentioned wallets.

Our Referral Program

Earn 10% bonus EXU by inviting friends
Your friend will also earn 5% EXU because of you

Join our community


We have a vibrant Discord Community of Solidity experts and smart contract developers. When you file your first bug on Solidified you’ll get a free t-shirt.


Below we’ve provided a bit EXU Ecosystem and EXU Protocol Token
If you have any other questions, please get in touch via Chat or Support Ticket.

What is EXU Ecosystem?

EXU is a decentralised, blockchain-powered ecosystem having multiple products like Digital Asset Exchange, Forex Trading Exchange, Social Media Platform, Cloud Minining Platform, Remittance Platform, ROI Club, Hybrid Blockchain.

EXU Protocol Token is a utility token based on the ERC20 standard. All transactions on the EXU Ecosystem will be carried out in EXU Protocol Token. The EXU Protocol token will be freely tradable on major exchanges and is fully compatible with Ether wallets such as MyEtherWallet.

You need to read and agree with the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of the, and then to go through a simple registration process on the website.

Yes, we have highest level DDoS attack Protection by CloudFlare .

What is EXU Protocol Token?

EXU Protocol Token is a utility token based on the ERC20 standard. All transactions on the EXU Ecosystem will be carried out in EXU Protocol Token. The EXU Protocol token will be freely tradable on major exchanges and is fully compatible with Ether wallets such as MyEtherWallet.

You’ll be able to receive and store your EXU Protoco tokens in any Ethereum wallet supporting ERC20 tokens. You can store EXU at our supporting wallets (e.g., Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Mist, MetaMask, Ledger)

It’s not difficult at all. Go to Signup on Website, fill in the registration form and then press "Create Account". A verification code will be sent to your e-mail address and you can find it in your “inbox” or “spam” folder. Once you have received the verification code, click on it to activate your account, then you will be able to login in your account.

That’s not a big problem. You have to click Reset password link, type your e-mail address and you'll receive a confirmation link in your e-mail address, click on it and enter your new password.

Is there a lock up period for EXU Team?

Yes. EXU Protocol tokens allocated to founders, technical or marketing team will vest over the period of 72 weeks.

Once ICO period is launched, You can purchased Token with Etherum, Bitcoin or Litecoin. You can also tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua sed do eiusmod eaque ipsa.

A wide KYC process will be obligatory as we want to keep it impartial/legal and keep the big giants out. You required to add all these KYC in your dashboard for Internal Transfers / Vouchers / ROI / Debit Card Activation as well Withdrawal.

No , Sale during ICO / STO is Promotional Launch Offer under special terms , We are just distributing EXU Protocol Tokens. You can sell it our once web wallet and trading on exchanges would be live.

Do you have a Referal Program?

Yes, we do. You can earn 10% direct commission of all your direct referrals purchasing EXU while you will also get 10 EXU as Bonus on all signups through your referal link. Along with this, your friends refered by you will also get 5% Bonus EXU*

Yes, we do. All members of have an individual referral link. You can also promote your referral link on our banners. You can find your unique referral link and our banners in your account (Referral’s page).

No, we have no limit at all, you can have as many Direct Referrals as you can, actually the more referrals you have, the more money you earn.

If you want to earn affiliate rewards as a regular participant, then you just need to create an account in, copy your affiliate link from the Personal Area and share it with friends and acquaintances. any one opens our website with YOUR referral link and join us will be counted as your Referral, even if they close the website and come back a day later, they are still your referral (a browser cookie is saved on their computer), you can see your detailed referral statistics inside your account.

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