Frequently asked Questions

What coins can I mine with each algorithm? Browse our customer service directory and receive answers to the most common questions.

Yes depositing money to your account is absolutely safe, private and secure. All transactions are communicated using Secure Socket Layer(SSL) technology, ensuring that your personal information is safe.

SWIFT code - also known as BIC, is made up of 8 characters and is used to identify a particular bank.

An IBAN stands for international Bank Account Number and helps identify your specific account for payments. IBANs are not used in all countries. If you are requesting a withdrawal to a bank account which does not have an IBAN, you may put your account number in the IBAN field

Your SWIFT code  and IBAN can usually be found on your bank statemetn or online banking.

Our company is engaged in a full investment service focused on the cryptocurrency trading market

Making deposit by using e-currencies happens right away. If you make Bitcoin deposit it takes from 3 confirmations ( about 30 minutes ).

EXU offers it's service in more than 200 countries world wide. We guarantee support in more than 200 countries.

No, it isn't. we offer our clients strategies that have been proven over many years of offline and online work.